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Robotics, electronics, AI, systems integration, cloud computing and IOT. These things are changing the world of Industry and manufacturing unbelievably quickly. You are either keeping up or falling behind. Are your operational systems keeping up?

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Connectiware Launches Connectiwear. The Workplace Wearables Division

Connectiwear's mission is simple: Our wearables will be the bridge that unites workers with workplace technology, quickly, safely and cost effectively.

The Connectiwear concept is all about connecting the worker with a localized IOT sensor network using an IOT based smart watch.  Connectiwear's "WorkWatch" is a smart watch equipped with wifi and bluetooth and programmed to work seamlessly with the Connectiware integration platform. 

Our line of IOT sensors are inexpensive and can be used in a number of different places. When combined with the integration capabilities of Connectiware, the possibilities are nearly infinite. 

Worker Awareness Maximization System (WAMS)

WAMS is the concept of providing workers with wearable technology that links them to a network of sensors located around a worksite. These sensors can provide a many different pieces of information that is useful to the worker. These sensors can also help improve safety and emergency response on site.

Working Alone Monitoring

Workwatch is an inexpensive and effective way to keep tabs on workers working alone just in case of a man down situation.

Proximity Warning

Connectiwear Position Sensors can help prevent accidents. These cost effective sensors alert the driver AND the employee if someone or something gets too close.

Worksite Messaging

Broadcast messages to wearers of Workwatch. Muster, first aid, emergency evac, or coffee truck! Whatever the need - you can configure it, test it, and deploy it inexpensively.

Three Steps to Maximizing Worker Awareness

Deploy appropriate sensors around the site, on heavy equipment or stationary assets to create a sensor network that gathers data and marks proximity.

Equip your workers with a Connectiwear Workwatch so they can join the sensing network and extend their situational awareness.

Configure WAMS with appropriate action plans, integrations with alarm system, text, email, lights, or other notification equipment.

Connectiwear Jumpstart Guide

Complete instructions on how to get started fast.


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