Technical Support

Connectiware Platform

If you are an end-user

Your first line of technical support must be your certified reseller. Connectiware Systems Inc. does not directly develop integrations for end-users. For the quickest service, contact your reseller. If you are having difficulties contacting your reseller you can submit a trouble ticket.

If you are a reseller

The fastest way to get technical support is by logging into your reseller portal and using the Connectiware AI. The AI is fully trained on all aspects of Connectiware including installation, setup, configuration and the scripting language. It even has access to some of the open source integrations - so if it has been done before, you should be able to repeat it. If the AI cannot answer your question, please submit a trouble ticket after logging into your reseller page.

Connectiwear Wearables

Connectiwear Wearables Hardware Devices

Connectiwear Wearables hardware such as the workwatch, alarm interface, WAMS Server, SpotProx and WAMS Extender all come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect. You MUST submit a request authorization form to retrieve an RMA number to send things back to us under manufacturer warranty. We cannot accept any items that do not have the correct RMA number. You can use the form at the bottom of the page to request an RMA number.

Connectiwear Configuration Questions

If you need assistance configuring or setting up Connectiwear Wearables or any of the associated devices, please check the FAQ first. Your next line of technical support is the Connectiwear AI which can be accessed on the right. If the AI cannot assist, please submit a trouble ticket on the bottom of the page.

Connectiwear Wearables FAQ

The Connectiwear Wearables FAQ can often answer issues even faster than the AI. The FAQ is sorted in order of the most asked to the least asked. Click on this link to open the FAQ sidebar.

Ask the Connectiwear AI

The Connectiwear AI is a chatGPT assistant, trained in everything that is Connectiwear related. Please ask your question. Be as detailed as responsible. 

You will occasionally be required to complete the captcha so that we can be sure the AI is not being spammed.

Trouble Ticket/RMA Request


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