Training & Certification

Connectiware Systems Inc. is committed to ensuring the greatest ROI on all of our products. We also want to make sure that you and your clients also enjoy the greatest ROI possible.

One of the best ways to maximize ROI is by making sure that all stakeholders are fully trained in ALL features and aspects of a product. When stakeholders are armed with deep knowledge and understanding of their products, they realize 100% of the value of these products.

As a reseller of Connectiware, you are required to maintain your certifications. This means you must have at least one technician who holds valid certifcation. Certification lasts for 2 years and can be renewed annually after that. The initial certification will require an investment, but renewals are based on the number of integrations your company deploys and attending any one of our free, 2 hour professional development sessions.


New Reseller Certification

There are two training paths for new resellers: General and Focused. The General training path is two four hour sessions where attendees learn how to build sample integrations using all features of Connectiware. The Focused training path is meant for new resellers who have committed to building an integration for their client. Attendees get all the benefits of the General training path, along with 2 additional sessions dedicated to working with you to satisfy your client's needs. 

Professional Development Renewals

Connectiware Systems Inc. hosts professional development sessions quarterly. These are two hours long where we train on various aspects of Connectiware such as advanced scripting and filters, or communicating with APIs.

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